Friday, 25 May 2007

Everyone needs a Vespa

Jeweler Jennifer Cora chose my Ciao Bella Vintage Vespa card for her "Should I Buy A Vespa?" treasury – which is both a fantastic collection and an important question.

The answer is yes, of course. A resounding yes. We bought ours ... let's see ... three years ago, but it's pulling a little Rip Van Winkle in Princeton, Texas. Having a bit of a snooze while it gets restored. But it is going to be fab-u-lous.

Nathan's been obsessed with Vespas since our first trip to Italy (well, the trip when we first met...). There's definitely something about them that magically makes you a bit more hip and a lot more carefree than your everyday self. And turns you, necessarily, into a risk-taker, a devil-may-care type: "Nervous about cobblestones? Afraid of potholes, moi? Never! Ride on!"

Maybe I'm a bit obsessed with them too.


  1. I love Vespas, but I fear I'm not woman enough to handle one. I still fall off my bike with alarming regularity. Such a lovely and chic treasury!

  2. you are officially the *coolest*! i want a vespa *wicked* *wicked* badly. preferably a cute old one. but nowhere to put it at the moment. le sigh.

    did you know? (font of useless trivia department) "vespa" is italian for "wasp"... zzzzzzzzz

  3. I LOVE your stuff! I am a sucker for paper goods...