Tuesday, 8 May 2007


Today was gorgeously sunny and breezy and carefree – a true Northwest Spring day – so I left all the doors and screens open to bring it inside. When Berry and I came back from playing across the road, she pointed in the kitchen and made her bird sign and a little bird noise (the bird noise has sounded more like a kookaburra since Australia).

Surprise: there was a tiny bird sitting on a chair in the kitchen! It wouldn't go out any of the doors and kept trying to crash into the picture window, so I had to catch it and release it outside myself. First though, I caught this photo of the little bird sitting on top of Berry's Easter basket.

(It's a little fuzzy but hey, it's a wildlife shot!)


  1. Hi Helen
    Thanks for commenting on my blog. We've had a lot of emails bouncing back lately, and I was wondering if you'd gotthe mails I sent lately. Can you let me know?

  2. Great picture! Loved how you were able to capture that moment! Funny..we've had birds fall down from the chimney into our house twice now. Unfortunately, they were loud pigeons and not cute little birds! LOL.