Friday, 14 September 2007

A date

Our spur-of-the-moment, first-ever mummy-Berry date was a huge hit.

Thanks to Mike Adamick's tale of vanishing toddlerhood, I felt a bit weepy and sentimental (bad Mike, bad!) and when I picked Berry up from daycare I decided we'd do something completely different.

Instead of driving home, we went to PJ's Coffee House, just the two of us. We ordered "big-girl drinks" (you know – anything with ice and plastic lids and straws) and a bagel, and we sat at a little table for two.

Berry was beyond tickled.

We talked about school (well, I asked questions and she said "mm-hmm" to everything). We talked about juuuuuuice (everything, even milk, is "juuuuice" until proven otherwise), we talked about Daddy, we talked to the girl at the next table.

Berry drank her big-girl drink. She made squirrel-cheeks in her excitement at fitting in as much bagel as she possibly could. She did special cute faces at the girl at the next table. She kissed the bagel. She kissed her big-girl drink – big mwah sounds. She kissed my arm, several times. I caught her before she kissed the table.

She was the most overjoyed nearly-two-year-old I've seen in ages, and it was absolutely wonderful.



  1. That sounds like such a lovely date!

  2. What a perfect day! (And great photo, too.)


  3. What a great date. My little one loves dates, too. And they seem to reinvigorate the mama/girl relationship very well. Thanks for sharing yours!

  4. Oh that is so sweet! I used to take my little ones each Friday morning before school to "donut day" not entirely healthy but we looked forward to it and they still remember it!

  5. so totally adorable, love the photo, love the kisses.

    how wonderful.

  6. How on earth do you get her to NOT look at the camera and mug?? Any time I even got a camera out my daughter was posing and smiling right in front of me.
    How do you do that?

  7. that's really sweet - glad you and berry had such a beautiful afternoon.

    lol at bettejo's comment - my son doesn't pose but he attacks the camera wanting to examine it so I can never get proper photos of him!

  8. That first date was truly a hit!

  9. How sweet! And how amazing is it that you can get her to NOT kiss the table? Jillian enjoys licking the edges of restaurant tables whenever we take her out. I'm hoping the exposure to God-knows-what will make her immune system super-strong.

  10. Ah how lovely for you both! I bet she felt really grown-up.