Monday, 10 September 2007

Pink pink pink pink pink

I never thought much of pink. When I was pregnant with Berry I had her room painted a sage colour, decorated it in an Australian Outback theme and vowed never to fall victim to the lures of pretty-pretty pink.

But when the little girl leads... well, how long could I hold out? Her Grandpa just finished painting her bedroom this gorgeous Alyssum Pink (see? I said "gorgeous"!) and hung her Land Of Nod pink pillow-castle in the corner, next to the white dresser full of... pink clothes. Ah, well.

Berry's Nanna was in town last weekend so of course we stopped at The Magic Box in New Orleans. She came away with some Hello Kitty paraphernalia – another thing I said I'd never sway on. She also made her Uncle Jules proud – from afar – by playing a few very careful tunes on a baby (baby-baby) grand piano.

At least it wasn't pink.



  1. Never say never, right?
    Sometimes you just have to join 'em. :)

  2. My beef is with purple. Guess what my girl just decided was her fave color?

  3. Uh-oh... I *really* dislike purple. I confess I actually like pink now – but purple, that's going too far!

  4. Ahh the pink phase. Then it will be purple. She's adorable. We used to have that little piano when our girls were young.

  5. I wasn't too much of a pink-person myself. Always girly, but never pinky...until a year ago. Now my shop is pink. LOL!!