Monday, 17 September 2007

Two years ago

Two years ago today, we got the second-biggest shock of our lives.

The biggest shock was when we found out Berry existed, that she was going to crash our party (so to speak) – that we were going to be parents.

So the second-biggest shock was when she decided to make her debut five weeks early.

We'd just lived through Hurricane Katrina, evacuated (after the disaster) from Biloxi to San Antonio, spent two weeks in limbo, then arrived in Seattle to start our new lives. Two days after we landed, the same day we got the keys to a house on McChord Air Force base, Berry was on her way... ready or not.

Such a teeny-tiny little thing (4lb 15oz – in that top photo she's 90% blankets), worrying enough to warrant nine nerve-wracking days in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit... Today it's all – mostly – a distant memory.

She's a springy-legged, sweet-natured, strong-willed toddler who loves Elmo and oranges and The Wiggles and corn and Dora and bubble baths and babies and charming the pants off people.

Happy birthday, little Berry.


  1. Happy Birthday Berry! what a tiny little baby she was. I was born nearly three months early, in one pic I look like 90% wires and tubes...

    Enjoy her birthday :)

  2. Happy Birthday to the beautiful girl!

  3. Happy birthday, Berry! Congratulations to all of you on the wonderful surprise of your life together, and best wishes for your lovely girl's many years to come!

  4. Great story!Happy Birthday to your sweet little girl!

  5. Aww! What a darling post. I hope her birthday was extra special, for both yourself and her.

  6. I can't believe that tiny newborn is the same as the chubby-cheeked cherub I see on here! Happy birthday, lovely girl.

  7. Happy Birthday Berry! What a sweet recount of her entry into the world - just goe sto show that in the midst of chaos there are beautiful things that stir the heart :)