Thursday, 13 September 2007


I had a bit of a miserable day today.

And in the afternoon I realised I didn't even have anyone to talk to, to cheer me up – Nathan was unreachable on the wards, Katharine was out to dinner in South Africa (I called, the nanny told me), Mum was fast asleep in Australia, Pauline was off doing fabulous things in France... I felt a bit sorry for myself really.

It seems ridiculous to say I got cheered up by a picture of a puppy. I mean really – I'm not even a dog person. (I'm not a cat person either, so don't think I'm taking sides.)

But this puppy is a pure, undiluted cartwheel of joy. And I needed that.

(To Kateri, who posted him – thank you.)


  1. I'm happy I could help, my friend! I'm glad he brought a smile to your face, and I hope your week improves.

  2. I was feeling kind of sad too and he made me smile. Thanks for posting him!

  3. That IS a very happy puppy! And I'm a cat person too!

  4. I'm not an animal person either but that picture is great! Oh to be so carefree...

  5. i am an animal person and this is a fabulous photo! thanks for sharing :-) glad that your dark cloud melted away...