Sunday, 7 October 2007

Dirty Jobs, Cajun style...

"I bet Mike walked here," I said to Nathan as we went down the path to the back of the restaurant.

He just shook his head at me, with what might've been pity. But really, I'm not the first girl to take a shine to Mike Rowe. And he had been right there – we saw it on TV.

We were going to breakfast at Bayou Boudin and Cracklin on Bayou Teche, home of the "Cracklin King" (or, as it's known locally, Rocky and Lisa's) – because what Louisiana Cajun experience would be complete without it?

And yes, Mike Rowe came here to film an episode of Dirty Jobs for Discovery Channel. It's the one where he learns to make boudin sausage and pork cracklins – the one that coined the famous phrase: "Fat is money."

If you're dieting, you don't go to Rocky and Lisa's. (If you're dieting, you've got the wrong idea about health and you're just going to gain weight again – but that's another story). The menu is mainly pork-related, and they're not counting calories.

Berry loves it because there are little pigs everywhere – she loves pigs – and we love it because these people know how to cook. I didn't have the boudin and I didn't have the cracklins, but their seasoned ham was so good it made me selfish – I wouldn't even share it with Berry. What a bad mother.

If you're ever near Breaux Bridge, Louisiana, it's well worth the trip. And if you want to sit where Mike sat – pssssst, head for the back steps leading up to the restaurant.



  1. Sounds yummy!! Bad but yummy!

  2. Mmm-m-m pork - my favorite. Num!

  3. Sounds great! The same boudin sausage that we have in the South West of France, right? I really want to like it but unfortunately I just don't :(

  4. I know Kate, I'm the same. But then my father-in-law says the key to liking boudin is to find some that's made with little or no liver (well, for us liver-haters out there). I tried some made with no liver one time and it was much, much better.

  5. I just had to say that I had a big crush on Mike Rowe back when he had a show on one of those shopping channels. sigh

  6. I love Dirty Jobs!! If they did guest spots, I'd totally volunteer lol