Sunday, 14 October 2007

Swings, no roundabouts

Since Mississippi is finally starting to consider autumn, we can at last go and tackle the playgrounds after kindy. Even a couple of weeks ago it was too hot to be sensible, but the temperatures have eased up just enough and the Base has a spectacularly huge playground by the marina. It's perfect.

My question: what child doesn't want to be pushed on the swings? Berry wants to be in the swing, and she wants the swing to be swinging... but every push – even the occasional push – is met with "NO push! Mine!"

I wonder if most mothers sometimes consider their offspring and say, in their heads, "Why are you so strange?"



  1. No. None of us do. You are the only one. :)

  2. lol bettejo

    love hearing stories like this! it is exactly the sort of thing my son would do!

  3. I do constantly and mine are 19 and 15. Sometimes I feel like they are aliens. :)

  4. I totally enjoyed reading your blog. Beautiful work too. I found you through Etsy.

    Your notes on what you would tell your 20ish self really hit home.

  5. Love your blog--and your work! have bought several times under my Rachie2 alias and will be back again to read and to buy!

  6. I've been caught thinking that stuff a lot. They are strange little creatures. Adorable, but strange. I love 'em.