Tuesday, 30 October 2007


For the seven years I've known Nathan, he's always been taking exams.

Back when I was studying, I attempted fairly regular nervous breakdowns around exam time – and my longest exam was 2.5 hours. The exams for doctors last an entire day. That'd send me completely round the twist, but he never made a big deal about it.

Well, all that ended last week when we found out he passed his Boards. After four years of college, four years of med school and three years of residency, the exams are done. He's board-certified in his specialty and won't have to take another exam for ten whole years.

Like all the other good doctors he'll still read obsessively, keep up on journals, write papers and presentations – you know. But no more day-long exams for ten years is still something to be happy about.

To celebrate, Berry undertook creative embellishing on some of her daddy's notes. A few careful squiggles and hey presto – valvular aortic stenosis has never looked so good.

[PS: a great big (but unnecessary, because she is awesome) good-luck to Pauline, who's about to sit her Boards.]


  1. Congratulations to him! Wow. I went to school for 10 years but not to be a Dr.

    Good luck with all the new transitions!

  2. Wow, tell him congratulations from me. What an achievement.

  3. Good for Nathan! Congrats!!!

  4. Very cool.
    And my Emma makes those same squiggles on everything. So careful and meticulous!