Saturday, 6 October 2007

Little pictures from the big day

Poor Skynyrd. The job description never mentioned this kind of nonsense... Australian Blue Heelers are working dogs, not wearing-Dora-party-hat dogs. Sheesh.

But Dora and Elmo and Bob The Builder were the order of the day on Berry's second birthday. Grandma Tine and Grandpa made sure of that. They also made her a very fancy little party that started at 6am (still dark, people!) in the lovely Cajun cottage in Breaux Bridge.

It was just the five of us, and a lot of balloons... and poor Skynyrd. Oh, and a lot of presents. I know the picture below is blurry – but when you can crawl into the gift bag and almost disappear, well, someone should get photographic evidence.


  1. That picture of the diaper booty visible out of the bag is awesome! That's one of those wonderful little life moments that you were able to capture. Well done! :)

  2. Poor Skynyrd...Looks like he (she?) took it quite well though!

  3. Your black doggie is adorable in his party duds (and so is your little girl!)

    They grow up too fast. She'll be going to the prom before you can blink.....


  4. Happy Birthday Berry!

    Please tell me you have given the poor kid her Caramello Koala?! ;)

  5. cutest. picture. ever! In the bag!

  6. Happy Birthday Berry!!! May you have many, many more! : )