Wednesday, 31 October 2007

How to confuse your holidays (Happy Halloween)

Australians don't do Halloween.

Growing up, we never dressed up and we never went trick-or-treating (and we wouldn't have been able to eat the spoils if we did – Dad's one-lolly-a-week rule was strictly enforced). But that was ok, because everyone else stayed home on October 31 too.

So when I moved to the States, Halloween – like Thanksgiving – was a new one for me. I loved it the first year because we and all our friends (childless and carefree then) dressed up as the characters from The Big Lebowski and stayed out till 3am.

But times change. This year we'll be taking our little forest fairy for a sedate lolly-gathering effort around the neighbourhood in the early evening, then staying in for the night. It will be her first year trick-or-treating... until June we lived in Washington and it was always too cold to take her outside at night. Hence the little Santa outfit from last Halloween, pictured above – nice and warm, and takes care of two holidays at once. (I didn't care that it was confusing – my practical side wins every time.)

Happy Halloween!


  1. I hope you had some 'Caucasians' during your Big Lebowski foray. =)

    She looks adorable!

  2. I also grew up not celebrating Halloween and Thanksgiving. So I'm having a ball dressing up as an adult!

    Happy Halloween!

  3. She's adorable no matter what she wears!
    We don't do Halloween or Thanksgiving in Venezuela either, so I totally get the enthusiasm of the first year.
    I hope you guys enjoyed trick-or-treating!