Thursday, 1 November 2007

Fairies are for real

Berry's great-grandma in Australia has an amazing and very old Flower Fairies book from her childhood in England that she used to read to all of us. I was completely fascinated with it when I was a kid. The fairies were intricately drawn, and seemed magical.

Berry's great-grandmother in Connecticut sent her this incredible forest fairy costume a week ago, and when I put it on her last night, it looked exactly as if one of the flower fairies had come to life and jumped off the pages of my grandma's book.

Last night was Berry's first trick-or-treat adventure ever – she called it her "walk" – and she was a hit around the neighbourhood.

She collected so many lollies that her daddy had to carry them for her (the picture below shows her very first stop, with Sue from next-door). She ate one lollipop and one mini Tootsie Roll – with the wrapper still on. We made sure the rest of the loot "magically" disappeared overnight. Those were her first lollies, and there'll be no more for quite a while.

Boy, it was fun while it lasted.



  1. You win! That is the cutest costume I've seen. Plus, yay orange!

  2. Sooo sweet! I love the little ones in their cute costumes!

  3. I have that book!
    Well, it's at my mums house but you know. She looks just precious!

  4. i love the flower fairies, too...but your little fairy is pretty cute in her costume.

  5. As usual, Berry looks absolutely tiny and cute, cute, cute!

    And I must say, that I still totally marvel at your ability to take photos of her without her turning to look at the camera! My two year old constantly wants to look at the screen to see the taken photo!

  6. You'll win me over with fairies every time! Adorable!