Friday, 7 March 2008

Kickbaby scores!

This week Kickbaby finally staked out a dresser drawer among his sister's avalanche of outfits. My friends had a fabulous shower for us in Ocean Springs, and Kickbaby doubled his wardrobe in one morning!

This is huge progress – when Pauline visited, she pointed out that he owned nothing at all. I felt a bit guilty about that, so I made a list of practical things he'll need and went on a little non-practical baby-clothes-shopping spree with Pauline at Gymboree.

Nathan and I have been Vespa fans ever since Italy, so of course I couldn't resist this blanket (orange Vespa on one side, Italian landmarks on the other) and the Vespa socks.

So it's been an outstanding few days on the Kickbaby-gets-loot front. Next on his campaign list: changing the walls of the "kids' bedroom" to something less girly than pink...


  1. OH cute! where ever did you find the vespa blanket?

  2. The Vespa blanket is from Gymboree – they had so many cute Vespa things for little boys, I had to restrain myself.

  3. Eeeeee baby clothes! I love the helicopter set... I love the word "helicopter." :)

  4. Looks like you got some really cute things. Love the Vespa stuff. One of my favorite Etsy finds is this Vespa print:
    if that doesn't all come through, it's from an Etsy shop called handmade

  5. Its all about the clothes & supplies! Matt & I have said that one of the main reasons to have a child is to dress them up in cutie little outfits like these :) Congrats on the major windfall here!

  6. Lve the Vespa blanket! Go back and get the whole range! Saw Quadrophenia last night, I can def see myself zipping around Paris on one... xx