Friday, 28 March 2008

Talking to strangers

When the waitress enthusiastically complimented Berry's Autumn Girl outfit for the second time, my spiel about how my sister sent it from South Africa was interrupted by little thunderbrows glowering, "No, yady! No touch! My dress! Go 'way, yady, my dress!".

She would not be shushed until the "yady" did, in fact, go away. It was all very appalling.


  1. Isn't she cute..I tell you, you never know what they will say..

  2. so cute, and smart too, if I had a dress as nice as that I wouldnt want folk touching it

  3. ha HA! That is too funny. I am completely hooked on your blog, by the way. Had me laughing so hard yesterday as I was getting all caught up on your life! :) Keep it up... please!

  4. good for her! standing up for herself! She didn't want that stranger yady touching her!!

  5. It's amazing how kids interpret what we teach them....

    Still debating if I even want that responsibility... raising kids I mean! You parents amaze me!

  6. Oh, sounds just like my son at that age...wait at THIS age too but it's not quite as cute at four as it is at two. :)

  7. Well at that age a compliment naturally means - I like your pretty dress and I am going to take it from you! Because if a 2 year old likes something themselves - THEY want to take it! It all makes sense if you think like they do!

  8. BetteJo... that actually makes a scary kind of sense. Now I can see why she shouts "No! MY hair!" when people ooh and aah over her curls...

    The mind of a two-year-old is a funny place.

  9. lol

    don't we all wish we could be so honest with our comment sto others?

  10. I love this. Sometimes I wish I had the boldness of a toddler. They really know how to express themselves!

  11. That's adorable! Like Berry herself.

    It reminded me of a time many years ago when a co-worker brought her little boy to work. Oh, man, he was just way too cute, and we were all making a huge fuss over him.

    He went to stand behind his mom's leg and wrapped his arms around it, with his little brows drawn together and an absolutely thunderous look on his face and told us, over and over, "Leave me alone. Le-e-e-ave m-e-e-e alo-o-o-ne!"

    Sorry, didn't mean to write you a whole book!

    PS Great blog!

  12. That's so funny!!!!
    I remember my son at that age, having a hat everyone loved. He'd get so ticked off when people talked about it. I finally figured out that he was afraid they'd take it froom him! It's hard to be a two year old. So stressful and all......