Monday, 24 March 2008

Merry Easter, Charlie and Lola

I'm being bombarded with earnest and incessant commentary on Charlie and Lola and Sizzles. This would be fine, except that I'm also required to show I understand all Berry's garbled Charlie-and-Lola insights by making detailed Charlie-and-Lola comments of my own... or there's capital-t Trouble. Faking it with "oh, really!" or "wow!" just isn't good enough.

Of course, this is all the Easter Bunny's fault.

The "Easter Bunny" (unlike her husband) was raised in a world of very few lollies, and balks at the thought of two-year-olds eating chocolate. So Berry's Easter basket contained two Charlie and Lola books, a Charlie and Lola DVD, a giant plastic egg with Elmo and Grover figurines, and one mini Tootsie Roll. The Tootsie Roll was gone in a heartbeat, but she's been completely absorbed by the rest ever since.

The Easter egg hunt late in the day was a roaring success, and the egg decorating in the morning was pretty good even though it brought on some inexplicable (post-Tootsie Roll low?) tears: "I bit sad, mama. I bit sad. I angry." By the time we went out for a fancy brunch with Grandpa Tom, she'd recovered enough to tackle a long series of mini-muffins.

So I don't know exactly what kind of mish-mash message she's taken away from the whole Easter experience this year, but I'm pretty sure it involves Charlie and Lola. Maybe we can straighten things out in 2009.


  1. I empathize with you! My son, still at four, has a limited intake of sweets. I grew up in a house where raisins and fruit were the goodies...or, as my husband calls it a "deprived" household.

    So, when the inlaws came over with FOUR Easter baskets (for ONE child), each filled to the brim with chocolate...I nearly went into histerics. My son went berserk just at the site of it all. One episode of "the means" after devouring a chocolate bunny was enough for me to pack it all up and get it out of site.

    (OH, and I love Charlie & Lola :) I'm always trying to convince my son to watch it with me.

  2. I love Charlie and Lola too! I'm not good at holding long, involved toddler-conversations about them, though...

    Raisins were a big deal in our house. When I was four I remember getting 10 raisins for reading all my flashcards correctly. So I know where you're coming from!

  3. I was the same way with my son about candy and to this day- years later, he's not much of a sweets eater. When he found his basket and goodies this year, it was like "oh great, another piece of chocolate". The grandma's just don't understand... give the kid some Pokemon cards and he's good to go.

  4. My friend gave her daughter easter eggs with individual number magnets in them, for the fridge. No extra sweets for her, either!

  5. I miss Charlie and Lola. My kids have outgrown it,. but I still sneak a peek when they arent around.