Friday, 1 June 2007

Back of Beyond

I found my parents. Sort of.

Mum called from some semi-unintelligible place in rural Queensland and said they were planning to hit the famous Birdsville Track, once known as "the loneliest road in Australia" (that's saying something). It was opened as a cattle route in the 1860s and passes through both the Strzelecki Desert and Sturt's Stony Desert.

Sooner or later they're going to end up at Uluru (which was called Ayers Rock when I was a kid). Now that's a place I'd like to see.


  1. I'm glad they're safe. Sounds like they're having a fun cross country adventure. I've only seen pictures and heard that Australia has a beautifully diverse landscape. They're so lucky to be there.

  2. they're having a great time! they live in brisbane (australia) so they don't have to drive *too* far to get to the desert, really! I'd love to make the trip, but now I'm here...

  3. That's a lonely looking road, for sure!

  4. Did your Mum send you that photo or is that one you found? It is a pretty awesome photo, the total nothingness is pretty amazing.