Monday, 18 June 2007

Moving a letterpress... again

My marvellous old Chandler & Price letterpress is on the move again, and this time we learned from our mistakes! Last time was very nearly a disaster...

We hired a tow-truck guy to lift it straight into the Penske (he looked skeptical when he saw it, but everything worked fine) and 3000-odd miles later, Nathan and Dad backed the truck up to a raised storage unit and used the pallet jack to wheel it right in. So: no 3am terrors and no endless physics questions.

Much better!


  1. I was wondering about your press as I've been reading about your cross-country trip! I'm glad it was an event much less fraught with peril!

  2. Your move looks utterly daunting - a toddler AND a letterpress! You must be relieved it's (nearly?) over. Loved your Stop Driving sign, btw - it's been doing the rounds with Paul's bicycle buddies. And "artistic taxidermy" really cracked me up.

  3. What a fabulous piece of equipment.
    Do you have close-up photos of it?

  4. I do...somewhere in my computer. I'll have to dig them out!

  5. Well Done! But I have to ask.....Doesn't it have to be mored one more time???

  6. Thanks Heather!
    And Sue... Yes, it does :(