Sunday, 22 July 2007


They're back!

I had to give my bird-heart-bird cards a little holiday (right when they were in a rush of selling, too!) because all my block-printing gear was packed up somewhere in the mountain of boxes that is our lives right now... But yesterday I found the box at last! I set everything up in my New Studio Mk I (it's in a transitional phase at the moment) and started printing. What a good feeling!

So here they are, out in the open again, happy silver birds. I've already sold four that were on "back order" and I've put more in my Etsy store.

It's good to be printing again!


  1. They are adorable! I can see why they are a big seller.

  2. I think I had forgotten how gorgeous these cards are. Great to see them back & I know they will keep you busy printing!

  3. wow!!! yay for unpacking and finding just what you wanted =o)

  4. oh my these are precious! I adore little birdies and hearts... my two faves together! Yay! All of your stuff is lovely though...

  5. I think these cards are great... actually, I think all your cards are great.