Monday, 16 July 2007

It's still not Take Your Baby To Work Day...

A little picture of Berry supporting our troops -- or rather, our troop (yes, just our favourite one) off to work to support her. They run a mutual admiration society.

I'd like to also mention that this terribly attractive "front yard" is not our fault. We've been living in Air Force temporary lodging while waiting (and waiting and waiting) to move into our new house. This picture was taken then.


  1. okay, that's the cutest picture ever. You should print it in black & white and make it into a card. Sweet.

  2. What a lovely photo! My kids are usually asleep still when their dad leaves for work, but I imagine it might look something like this if they were awake, minus the fatigues.

  3. Thanks!! She's usually fast asleep when he leaves so this was a rare chance to catch a little farewell picture!