Saturday, 7 July 2007


{Berry – in the orange lifejacket – and her new-best-friend Lily set up camp by the snacks. Clever girls.}

We went out on an old-style schooner in the Gulf of Mexico with a bunch of people from the hospital. I thought it was ambitious taking the kids along (Berry in particular, maybe!) but things went well till the last half-hour of the 2.5 hours. Boy oh boy was it hot and airless. Blazing sun and not a breath of wind for the sails. But we saw lots of dolphins (woohoo!) and met some great people who've just moved down here, like us.

Also, the pelicans made an effort to be picturesque...


  1. I love the photography in your blog xx

  2. Hello fellow New Orleans lover! I'm from La., and lived in N.O. for a while, and it's my favorite place because it is so unique, as you mentioned. I also wanted to say that I love your cards! They are so colorful and graphic.

  3. Cute little gals...they melt my heart!

  4. Another great photo Helen!