Thursday, 19 July 2007


I just got off the phone and that's how much "bond" the state of Mississippi requires to register the business down here! Five. hundred. dollars.

I opened Pepperina Press in Washington State last year for the princely sum of, oh, $50 (yes, that's just 5-0).

But for the privilege of doing business in Mississippi, I have to part with $500. Which I don't get back unless I close the business (uh, no) or move out of state (don't tempt me).

I mean please, don't beg people to come back down here and start businesses and help rebuild the economy if you're just going to pull this kind of trick once they're here.

Apologies for the rant. Ah Mississippiiiiiiiii... why can't you behave?


  1. Yikes! Another option would be Idaho - $25 for a business license here.

  2. That is ridiculous. I can't remember what I paid here in Texas, which means it was clearly an inconsequential number ($15 sounds about right). I mean, Ouch!

  3. you have **got** to be kidding. boston was $50. dc i'm not even sure... but dc gov kindly sent a huge book of tax forms to send in every single month, *just* in case the 9% income tax, 5.75% sales tax and 10% meals tax on every meal eaten out hasn't covered what i owe.
    (and i delight in paying it in full, watchful federal agents!) can't be too careful, i suppose. silly mississippi.