Sunday, 26 August 2007

Getting better

After five weeks and two follow-up clinic visits, the cough still wouldn't go away. It was waking Berry (and me) up at three every morning for long bouts of coughing and misery.

So we went back to the doctor, again, and this time the testing gave same answers. Berry's initial illness, which she so generously shared with us more than a month ago, turned out to be adenovirus, a particularly vicious type renowned for creating complications. The unstoppable coughing was part of an atypical pneumonia secondary to the adenovirus, and all that was nicely topped off with a bad sinus infection – also a complication of adenovirus.

Adenovirus is now my public enemy #1.

Several hours, several traumas* and a substantial subscription list later, we were done with the hospital. That was a few days ago and she's doing much better. It's good to know she's on the mend, and not contagious... and to have some peace at night!

[*Apart from her daddy, Berry does not like doctors at all. But she does quite like going to the hospital, because she gets to see her daddy and persuade him to do drawings and share his stethoscope. All good things.]


  1. Poor thing - glad to hear Berry is on the mend. Cute photos...

  2. better little Berry!

  3. That sounds awful...those ringlets, my goodness those ringlets!

  4. one bug on top of another! poor thing. and I have to agree with amandad: those ringlets are stunning.

  5. I hope Berry is better soon, without any nasty complications... You wouldn't believe how many stories like this I have heard of this year. Something is definately not right!

    Sara x

  6. Poor kid...glad the docs got to the bottom of it. Hope Berry will get better soon! The pics with her daddy are sooo cute.

  7. ah, poor lamb! What a nightmare...glad to hear she's feeling good again!