Monday, 6 August 2007

What's on YOUR fridge...

Another random blog thing going around – what's on your fridge? – and since I'm a sucker for randomness...

SixthandElm describes it best: "Take a picture, point out the highlights and introduce us to your little refrigerated world. Oh, and no fair putting up stuff to make you look cool. Can't really think of something you would put on your fridge that would project an infallible aura of coolness, but you get the point."

I just want to point out how much I didn't cheat. We're absurdly orderly people and usually our fridge door is nicely laid out with very straight photos and magnets arranged in some way that makes sense to us. But we've just moved in, and we kind of flung everything at the fridge door – virtually the last disorganised place in our mostly-unpacked house. I'm proud of myself for not rearranging it.

So here we go, from top left:

1. Stamp of Australia magnets that came with some bottles of Hardy's wine I bought when I was living in Vancouver. They feature vintage Australian animal stamps, and I'm quite attached to them.

2. Michelin Man magnet – one in a series made by Etsy seller ChristineRenee, using vintage images from a Guide Michelin. We were big fans of the Michelin Man as kids.

3. Koalas Next 4km – magnet replica of an actual Australian road sign. You see them everywhere where I grew up (the signs more than the koalas themselves). I sent this one to Nathan while we were dating long-distance.

4. "George W: Making The World Safe For Frat Boys". It's true.

5. Shopping list – milk, soap, Gatorade, honey, garbage bags, pickles. It's a glamorous, gourmet life we lead here...

6. "It's So Involved Being Me" – magnet I bought for Nathan when I was on a solo road-trip through Tennessee and Georgia several years ago. I suspect I was a bit annoyed with him at the time.

7. Clock magnet complete with cuckoo sounds and a boy swinging on the pendulum, which Chris bought for Berry while we were all travelling around Germany last year. Berry's crazy about it and keeps asking me to pull it down so she can play with it.

8. A fantastically over-the-top chunky wooden Liberace magnet, which Tom sent us from Vegas. Tom knows a cool magnet when he sees one.

9. Franz bread promo magnet from a big fair in Seattle. In a weird way it reminds me of a "Roggenbrot" sticker my sister had on her bed when we were kids, so I keep it.

(ps... It's not your eyes: the fridge is a textured beige. Very odd. It will be farewelled soon.)


  1. Yours is so neat and clean! I am afraid to show mine, though if it is a slow blogging week, I just may have to.

  2. Oh my. I don't even know what's on my fridge - my daughter hangs stuff on there - work schedules, school schedules, whatever - and just keeps adding. She's never around when I think to ask if the stuff is still needed or not so there it is. I mostly ignore it.

    Looking at your grocery list tho, looks like you are very precise about what you do, your cards show the same thing so I guess I shouldn't be surprised!

  3. I really love your George W. magnet. That kills me.

  4. That's ana awesome collection! And you keep everything so neat.

    Mine is a jumbled collection of various things--a dry-erase message board that my roommate and I write notes on, a pic from our dorm days, more magnets from our dorm days, freebies from Etsy, and various magnets from vacation spots and trade shows/career fairs.

  5. lol-- if you consider that "tossed haphazardly" you would faint at mine! I like your very neat grocery list too! :-)

  6. I don't know where SixthandElm got this idea from but I had a blast doing my own post on this and am loving checking out everyone elses. It's a riot.

    I think the cuckoo clock is the best. I'd love to get one of those. It would drive my cat batty!