Saturday, 4 August 2007


Since we finally live in a sunny place again, I've taken advantage of some nice bright mornings to re-shoot my product photos.

It's much, much easier to get a good image when you're not relying on the non-existent winter light in Seattle (summer light might've been okay, but we're not there for that).

See? Sunshiney....


  1. helen, as a big fan of the silhouette AND the rapidly dying art of letter writing i am very taken with your products. the retro look is also highly desireable. i am massively new to blogging, still trying to get my head around the ettiquette and the technical stuff, but really loving it. so glad you've found my friend Linda Kruger, i've been at her for months to join etsy, her art is just so unique (i think).


  2. I'm going to reshoot some of mine soon with new camera wahey! Sympathise on the lack if light, our appartment resembles a dark cave for most of the year, which makes things kind of difficult.