Thursday, 16 August 2007

Cakes and kids

A treasury made of cakes – first, it has one of my Bella Figura cards in it, and second, it's just pretty.

I've been really busy getting stock ready to send to retailers – two online stores and one boutique – as well as working on some fun custom projects. A lot of work!

I finally (finally) got to talk to my mum and my sister today. Somehow my mum always makes me feel better, and like I might actually be a good mama after all.

And now, in the interests of really being a good mama (and since it's no longer 110 degrees outside) I'm going to take Berry for a twilight walk. She likes to find small rocks and puddles and kittens, and our neighbourhood is good for a little bit of all three.


  1. Kittens? I love kittens. :)
    Can I go too?

  2. That treasury looks delish! Thanks for checking out my gift boxes. I also looked at the interiew you were a part of on the Aria blog by Melody and love the bit about Venice. I read a book based in that city earlier this year and have been enamoured ever since. I must go!