Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Multiple choice

Which of the following, from Tuesday alone, makes me an iffy mama:

a) forgetting to read Berry any books at all today (even the PBS Kids ad says "read at least 15 minutes per day". Ohhh.)
b) letting her watch Curious George before breakfast
c) letting her watch half of the same Curious George episode after breakfast
d) daycare
e) buying Berry a Winnie-the-Pooh plate on impulse at Walgreens, because she went "Aawwwwhh! Pooooooh!" and it was only a dollar
f) not buying Berry an Elmo Activity Set and causing her to wail "Nooooo! Oh noooo! Melmo! Peeeese!" around and around and around Michaels while we finished shopping. ("Why wouldn't you spend six dollars on her! Why not!" Nathan asked. I don't think the six dollars was the point...)
g) giving up on getting the full dose of antibiotics into her after three catastrophic attempts, two pink-stained shirts and a week's worth of tears
h) all of the above
i) none of the above
j) some of the above – now lie awake agonising over it to figure out which ones.

Why thank you. I think I'll do just that.

Maybe today was just a dodgy-mothering kind of day. Tomorrow is a new day. I'll get out some very educational children's books for the morning. And I'll hide the remote.



  1. Aw Honey every single one of them makes you just like everyone else, human. How many parents do you think actually read to their kids every day? Or how many give in to every wail or tantrum? How many kids watch TV and videos ALL day long, not just half before and half after breakfast? From reading previous posts as well as this one, I would venture to say you are a great Mom!

    And - a lot of parents never question what they are doing, they have no internal checks and balances. Sounds to me like you are doing just fine. :)

    Hope you go to bed and sleep like - well - a baby!

  2. Ditto what Bettejo said. You are spending time with your daughter which is so valuable! I hope to do more of that very soon and become a WAHM.

  3. None of the above. We're only human and we're all just doing our best. Glad to hear the next day went nicely! It's those days that make it all worthwhile, huh? Well, those days and tight hugs and sloppy kisses and unsolicited "I love yous".

    I may read to my kids every day (simply by virtue of the fact that they won't go to bed w/ out a night-night story), but I don't think I ever get 15 minutes in. I've been trying w/ my 4 year old but it's hard for her to sit for periods longer than a couple of minutes. So I guess I'd have to read to her in 3 minute segments, 5 times a day. Sigh.

  4. Yep, your list all sounds normal - most of us have done those things at one time or another. And yes, some of us feel more guilty than others about it...but reality is, that sometimes there are just days like that! (scrap4u)

  5. Guilt is something I have a hard time with, too. At the end of the day, when my little monster, er, monkey is finally asleep, I have to rehash the day, and look for the good that came of it. And usually there is a lot. It's just that the bad stuff is more memorable. Cheer up! (I just wrote a poem on my blog about the trying day we had today!)

  6. we've all had those days and its ok, she'll remember all the days that you did read to her and spent more then $6 on her =o) and when she's in 3rd grade and has to read every night for 20 minutes as part of her homework, it will totally make up for any missed days =o)


  7. i happen to think you rock as a mum. look how gorgeous and creative and talented your nugget is already! carpentry, housepainting, drawing, light chores, the medical profession... all the bases covered, really. plus so stylishly turned out! she is the luckiest berry in the world.

    they say the way you know you're *not* going crazy is that you ask yourself the question: "am i going crazy???" -- the real crazies don't notice! same could be said for the bad mothers of the world -- they're not fretting. :)

  8. none of the above. life is bumpy, even for gorgeous little girls and their rockin' moms.