Friday, 24 August 2007

Sleighbells in summer...

In the world of cards, it's never too early for Christmas.

Rephrase: for highly-organised card-givers, it's never too early to buy Christmas cards. I've heard of people who are already addressing their envelopes (yes, in August).
So... drumroll please... for all the highly organised types, I present the first-ever Christmas/holiday cards in the Bella Figura collection. Festive and fun, guaranteed to brighten even the chilliest December – and available on Etsy now (yes, in August).

Oddly, despite my card-and-stationery-obsession, I'm not a highly organised Christmas card giver myself. I'm more "ruh-roh, is it November already?" My excuse is that I'm too busy making cards for other people to be early with my own. You don't have that excuse.

More holiday designs and Christmas card sets coming soon!


  1. Great design, great foresight to be ready so early. Love your work.

  2. LOVE your xmas card designs - just beautiful (as always). I also got in early and listed my own xmas cards on my Etsy store a little while ago (different style to yours)...

  3. Adorable. I love bright pinks for Christmas.

  4. standard christmas cards are so boring - yours are great!